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Analysis and architecture (Discovery)

This is the minimum required in any successful project; planning and definition of the architecture with a lot of attention to detail. The contents and functionalities are represented in diagrams and/or user stories.

This aspect of the business has different degrees of complexity, depending on the expectations of each client and the size of each project.

The Discovery process guarantees the understanding of the requirements and a clear execution plan focused on making the most of the functionalities without sacrificing the user experience or the performance of the site.

The final result will be the definition of the requirements on a well-scoped RFP, according to the needs of each project, minimizing risks.

Building up a good analysis and Information Architecture adds value to your project as well as:

  • Identifies risks that may affect the development or its maintenance and reduce its impact.
  • Our expert assessment helps to identify the best solution for requirements.
  • Generates a preview of the project's deliverables.
  • Involves the user from the beginning of the process.
  • Allows creating a structure by the business objectives.